Imaging Solutions for Defense, Industry, and Life Sciences


Lickenbrock Technologies is active on two fronts. First, the firm contracts for research and development projects in the fields of high performance computing and advanced image processing, including image restoration, blind deconvolution, and image classification. Secondly, Lickenbrock offers commercial products in CR and CT targeted to the non-destructive testing needs of a wide variety of industries.

We Solve Complex
Imaging Problems

We offer creative solutions that satisfy customer demands for innovative breakthroughs. Our research and product development ideas are based on leading edge technologies and have made us leaders in our industry specialties.

To Our Sponsors

Our scientific research is focused on the search for progressive and useable technological advances. Lickenbrock is committed to completing sponsored projects in a timely and professional manner. Our driving goal is to deliver research results that define the highest standards in the industry.

To our People

We have a commitment to provide a work environment that allows employees at all levels the opportunity to develop and grow in their chosen field of expertise. Creative energy is reinforced by the productive intellectual challenge of peer to peer problem solving. We work to provide employees with the opportunity for professional development, both internally and through conferences, trade events, publications and other outside interactions.

To our Shareholders

We believe that to provide for business growth and build economic value for shareholders, we must do three things well. First, be focused on our core businesses. Second, strategically reinvest for growth. Third, continue to identify spin-off products that can build a deeper relationship with our customer base.

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